Albrecht Preusser Genealogy

External Links and References

Preusser Genealogy Forum for people who are searching for their Preusser ancestors.
Jean Martin's Homepage with information about the descendants of Engel Gerhard.
http://www.hgknapp.de/ Hans-Gottfried Knapp from Dauborn with many common ancestors Preußer, Litzinger etc.
Thanks to all who have contributed to the information displayed on this site:

Dr. Hellmuth Gensicke†, Wiesbaden
Dr. Erhard Grund, Ohren
Gerhard Hankammer†, Limburg
Allen Holth, Texas
Hans-Gottfried Knapp, Dauborn
Rudi Butzbach, Linter
Ed Rose, Ohio
Neil Wheeler, California
Trude Fuchs, Rheinhessen,
Karl-Ludwig Günther†, Recklinghausen,

and others who helped me in drawing my attention to information on the web or elsewhere.

Albrecht Preusser, 03.01.2008